Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In the Backyard Today

"Mommy, we sawed giant ants what look like they eat little children!"

Yes, Carpenter Ants are monstrous as far as ants go, but they are more interested in that rotten fence board than eating little children.

Nonetheless, the Beastlings remain wary. Just in case.


  1. I'm wary of them too!

    Love your new layout. <3

  2. My friend Jennie from spinning-jennie.com hooked me up with this somewhat-related link - it's really quite disturbing, so you've been warned!

    Zombie Carpenter Ants: http://io9.com/5335833/parasitic-fungus-turns-carpenter-ants-into-its-own-personal-zombie-army

  3. We've been infested by ants this summer. Of course now I've been thinking about them as little zombie hordes. Instead of brains, their mantra is "Caaaaaaaaat foooooooood! Caaaat fooooooooooooood!"

  4. Ha! Try putting the cat food in a Frisbee with water in it so they can't climb up.


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