Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Fish Tank Cleaned. Not exactly part of the decrapping project, but it needed doing and now Mavis and Ben, the tetras, are super frisky. All two of them.

Meds Organized. I sorted the kids' medicines and things like instant ice packs, slings, all that good stuff. It's now in one of these things, which will be a lot neater than the one box it was all tossed into before. My middle one has asthma and so we always have boxes and boxes of albuterol and his other meds plus loads of Benedryl in different forms and now it's all tidy. Exciting enough, though, since it's taken me the better part of 6 years to organize it all.

Nursery Decluttered. I put away all her 2T clothes that had been laying around since I switched her into 3T a few months ago. I had it all in neat piles and then someone decided it was great fun to chuck clothes around the room and it pretty well deteriorated from there. Anyway, when I started there wasn't a whole lot of carpet showing. And now there is.

On deck next: Children's school artwork needs sorting and storing. Perhaps tomorrow when they are in school, since they cannot be here to witness me recycling any of their work - that surely would not go well.

I sent a trunk full o' junk home with my mom today for her to drop off at NAM. If I can't use it, maybe someone else can. It's starting to look pretty good in here!

On another note, I signed us all up at the Y, so that should be fun. I hope it's something we actually use. Goodness knows, we need to use it!

Off to burn and label 150 CDs for Mister Lawyers seminar speech this week.....

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