Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whoo-whoo are you?

Sighted today at my parents' house:

We think he is a juvenile screech owl, but it's possible it's full grown. He's about 7" long and full grown, he will be closer to 8-10". Considering how far I had to zoom in, a tripod certainly would have helped, I know.

There is a purple martin house about 10' from where this little guy has been roosting. The bird book says screech owls will nest in nesting boxes and sure enough, the birdhouse has been chewed away by squirrels on one side, making room for a larger bird to get through the hole. So the thought is that this owl is pretty fresh out of the nearby nest and so he roosts every day in my mother's fig tree (I've been getting daily owl-updates).

Double Geranium:

Ginger about to burst into bloom (See the yellow bloom popping out on the right? I must go back when it's in full bloom!):

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