Monday, March 23, 2009

Costco is The Devil

I went to Costco to buy one item. One small (well, small for Costco) bottle of fish oil tablets. Nothing more.

I walked out with a very full cart, a very empty wallet, and little recollection of what happened in between.

You know those samples they are always handing out? I think there might be some mind-altering substance in them. That would explain a lot, actually. Hmmm.

And on top of that, it seems I forgot to buy the fish oil so I have to go back tomorrow! Doh!

My theory may need some fine tuning, but there's definitely a conspiracy at work.


  1. I've never been there -- and I don't think I should go now either ;)

  2. I love Costco. The problem is, I'm not sure I've ever left without parting with $100 or more, despite my best intentions. They have a lot of nice quality stuff, though and organic foods, too. And they always have samples to keep the kids engaged...yum.

    I think I need another fix!


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