Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The 5 year old got the cast off today and they pulled out the pins, which were much larger than I had expected. And they used a sort of wrench thing......ew. That was rather unpleasant for both of us and I didn't even get candy afterward.

It will take a few weeks for him to regain movement in it - right now he can't move it at all. I guess I wasn't expecting that...not to that degree anyway.

Oh, and I asked to bring the pins home to keep. I'll maybe take a snap of them tomorrow if I think about it. My mother was horrified. Ha.

His bestest little buddy in the whole wide world is having a birthday party on Saturday and he's really excited about it. Sadly, it's at a gymnastics place and he won't be able to participate. We've been told no leaping about for a few weeks. But of course he can eat cake and he's ok with that.

He did well, my brave little guy.


  1. Well, tscha, who turns down cake just because their elbow won't bend? As long as one of the elbows bends, that fork is still going to make it to point B.

    Can't wait to see the pins, I'm all about that kind of thing.

  2. Ewwww -- I can't only imagine what that was like *shudder* What a trooper!

  3. Glad he got the cast off! Good luck keeping him off the monkey bars, lol x

  4. I'd have asked for the pins, too, and you know there would be pictures. I'm glad the cast is off, the pins are out, and your brave little man is well on way to total recovery.


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