Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coupon Madness

I hesitate to admit it, but I've been buying a few lots of coupons off Ebay. It's become something of a game to me: what can I get for free?

I just bought 40 (yes, 40 - and you can stop laughing now) $1.00 off coupons for Mentos Sugarless Gum. It's on sale for $1.00 right now at Walgreens. $1.00 less $1.00 is, of course free. In Texas, you do not pay the sales tax on the amount of the coupon, so it's totally free, as in $0.00. I expect the coupons to arrive within 3 days and the sale is running until April 25th, so I have plenty of time to stock up. 40 packs of gum for $4.00 - the cost of the coupons and shipping. I figure they are good for birthday party goodie bags as well as regular old every day chewing - I tried them the other day with the coupon I already had and it's tasty stuff.

I'm also bidding on a lot of 20 $1.00 off coupons for Meow Mix Cat Treats which retail for around $.97 at Walmart. Lucky cats, huh? We'll see how that pans out - I bid a lot more than I actually buy and if it bids up, I bow out quickly. I'm cheap on ebay too. Don't you all go bidding up my cat treat auction, now!

I funded these auctions by selling the sample cans of formula I got in the mail on Craigslist. I gave a ton away to charity a few months ago and decided to hawk the remainder to fund my habit, so to speak.

Do I need to play the coupon game? No, I don't. Luckily. But it's fun, I have to admit. Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens are all a ten minute walk from here so it gets us all a little exercise too and makes the walk purposeful.


  1. The cats are very pleased that I won their treat auction.

  2. I picked up 34 packages of Mentos Gum today. $0.00.

    Tasty stuff, tastier for free.

    I have not redeemed the cat food coupons yet....maybe tomorrow if I can think of anything else to get from Walmart (The Evil Empire).


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