Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When I turned my head.... (Part I)

~ They took scoops and scoops of cat litter out to drive their Hot Wheels monster trucks in. Because monster trucks like to drive in "bumpy dirt."

~ They used the entire bag of flossers.

~ They tried to find out how long it took before the water dispenser in the fridge would run out of water.....by just keeping their fingers on the button.

~ They poured water over their Easter jelly beans to make "juice."

~ They drove it in the mud....and then through the house.

~ They tried to feed the baby things they did not want to eat.

~ They pulled all of the baby wipes out "so they could practice counting."

~ They ate one bite out of every apple, "to find the best one."

~ They peed in a bucket. And saved it for later use.

~ They glitter-glued the cereal boxes shut.


  1. They get this from their father. That's your new mantra.

  2. They do, Adie!!! He was a hellraiser as a child - I was a shy little bookworm. To be fair, they are normally really well behaved, but sometimes......not so much.


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