Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's almost over, but I hope everyone had a good one. I forgot to take any photos until after 7pm, so they were a bit dark...better than nothing, though.

I did take a video this morning of the kids opening their baskets - the Beastlings told me all about the Easter Bunny and how big he was (smaller than an elephant, bigger than our baby), what he looks like (all white fur), and that he could write but not speak. And apparently he, like most bunnies, is very skittish, so you must be very very quiet around him. Oh and he does not use a sleigh like Santa or have anyhelper elves, so that's why you only get one basket, rather than a whole passel of gifts. Well, of course.


  1. What cute pictures. And I heart those chubby little ankles in the third picture.

  2. Gorgeous children, and photographs. As usual. :)

  3. Gorgeous children, and photos, as usual! :)

  4. Love their explainations! Beautiful shots though I have to be a wee bit jealous that you can be in short-sleeves at 7pm!


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