Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've Been Redecorating

I took down the Easter eggs. They sure were nice while the lasted, but I figure you all were tired of them, it no longer being Easter and all. I tried to spruce up the joint and if you know if any really cool widgets, this would be the place to suggest them. I'm all ears...and technologically...well, rather slow. But I do try.

And just for the record, I did do some Easter stuff with the kids, but it wasn't really blog worthy. Well, it was kind of funny in an incredibly lame sort of way. I got some eggs to dye and then was too tired to dye them or cook them (I'll blame this one someone who shall remain nameless waking approximately four hundred thousand times a night for a snack and a cuddle).

So, too tired to boil them (not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs in any event) I blew them out and gave the kids markers to pretty them up with, which they got bored with really fast, after destroying several of them. So I was forced to color the bulk of the surviving blown eggs myself, which secretly pleased me.

The plan was to make the ones with littlest holes into holiday decorations for the table and the ones that ended up with bigger holes into cascarones, but that was really too grand a scheme for my available energy level. The actual result was attractively markered eggs put to the side of the kitchen on a Dora paper plate on the counter and ignored and three very large meals worth of scrambled eggs. The eggs, which we rarely eat, were well worth the effort, however.

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