Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Overheard today. Yes, my little angels.

It's a new game they have invented. I'm not sure exactly what it entails, but it seems to involve yelling 1....2....3....Damnit! And then.....something? I can't see - they are in the next room. Running around, perhaps?

Hmmm.....sounds like some vocabulary editing is required on my part.

I may have to catch this on video for posterity. If I can stop giggling.

I know, you shoudn't laugh at that but damnit, it's funny.


  1. I've got to start using that.

  2. What the game or the editing?

    I'm actually really good about not cursing in front of them, but I can't say it's never happened. Obviously.

    Mister Lawyer threw his back out once lifting the boy out of his crib and we spent the rest of the day trying to convince the 5 year old (then two year old) that, "Daddy said 'Truck!!!' sweetheart - you like trucks! Let's go read a book about trucks. Daddy likes trucks too!"

  3. hahahahahahahahaha! LOL

  4. You have some wild ones. I'd be beside myself cracking up if I heard that coming from the other room.

  5. I asked them. It involved spinning. A lot of spinning.


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