Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Two Patients

The little guy is doing well - sleeping at the moment. He's had a very long day, as have we all. Babybeast is still running a mysterious fever with no other symptoms but crabbiness. The elder beastling is currently sporting a lime green cast from shoulder to hand which covers and hold in place the pins which extend out of his skin. His stuffed doggie, Ike has a matching lime green cast on his right foreleg.

Apparently, at the hospital, "Ike fell off the chair and broke his arm just like me" which required immediate surgical treatment. Luckily we were already at the hospital, and while they normally treat little humans, the staff was amenable to treating a small stuffed dog since it was an emergency stuffed doggie medical situation.

The photo is from 3 days post-surgery.


  1. Thinking of y'all, and hoping you're all having a good Valentine's Day.

  2. Looking forward to an updated photo of Ike & Beastling!

  3. Thank you both. Ike is feeling much better now. I have been told that he will be well in exactly four days, lol.

  4. Awwww, both patients are so darn cute! :adore


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