Thursday, February 12, 2009

Their Valentines

I made little goody bags last week for their classes. Instead of candy, because lord knows they'll get far too much of that, there are temporary tattoos (similar to those above), stickers, a little heart glitter (you are welcome - no need to thank me, moms!), a real fruit leather bar, and thanks to a HUGE number of $2 off Kashi coupons I got in the mail, a Kashi strawberry fruit bar.

The kids are making valentine's "cards" to put inside them right now. Their job is to color and maybe cut them out.

While it's not the fanciest design ever, it's going to have to do - we've been thrown off kilter by the whole broken arm/stomach bug saga this week. And besides, they're kinda cute. I printed the following in black and white into a table, six to a page, on landscape:

You’re a Winner
in My Book!
Filename: j0240439.wmf Keywords: 1st place, awards, blue ribbons ... File Size: 23 KB
Happy Valentine’s Day!
From ________

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