Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well now I feel guilty

for complaining about my notsleepy babe yesterday. She's sick and was up all night with all the snuffles and the wuffles and the sadnesses.

But she is, also, at this very minute sleeping. Where? In her very own crib (yes, crib!) in her very own room. Not in the pack and play in our room. Not in our bed. She's been down for 45 min so far. And counting.

If this goes well, we might give her the permanent boot tonight. I'm not sure if I have the fortitude, to be honest, but it sure sounds attractive.

Mister Lawyer and I used to read before bed. Books without pictures that didn't have rhyming verse. Since Babybeast, we are stuck going to bed in the pitch black for fear of waking her. The thought of being able to read again is very exciting. I'll try to remember to post a photo of Mister Lawyer's To Be Read pile. You will be horrified - it's several feet tall. Heck, I'm horrified and I live with it.

For now, I'll be happy if I can get another half hour of nap out of her. Fingers crossed, people!


Here you go. This is his pile of accumulated materials that need to be read. Technically it's only one of several piles. And that box at the top is a recent shipment from Barnes & Noble.


  1. Nap #1 was a grand success - she slept for 2.5 hours and is now down for Nap #2. Wooohooo!

  2. :hug for the sick but huge :cheer for the crib! I hope tonight goes well. :cross

  3. Thanks, Dara. She's up now and didn't freak out when she woke up either time, but did look a bit confused. If she wakes eleventy billion times then I'll be doing a lot of stairclimbing tonight. Ugh.


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