Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hair Doodads

Oh my. The baby is obsessed with barrettes. I'm not a fan of those ridiculously big bows people sometimes buy for babies, but little bitty ones and little flower barrettes are pretty cute. And I'm a sucker for cute.

She has a not small box of them - I went a little mad buying them some time back plus we've had several packages given to us. My thinking is that they are essentially disposable products; not by design so much, but as a practical matter they don't tend to be long-lived items for picky-fingered silky-haired babies, so we have lots of them.

She got ahold of the box of them yesterday and insisted that each and every last one be affixed to her head. You may recall that Babybeast is not exactly gifted in the hair department, which presented a bit of a logistical challenge. The result was just awesome.

I didn't have enough time to grab the camera, but imagine her in a diaper, six multicolored sparkly strings of necklace beads, handbag in hand, and about 40 barrettes on her head. A few wiggles later and they had all but fallen out, but for the previous seconds, Miss Glamourpants strutted and pranced around absolutely thrilled with herself.

It was hilarious in so many ways and a little scary to see her showing such self-awareness. Now the question is how to keep that sense of pride and confidence in herself and her appearance from waning. I guess we'll tackle that one day at a time.

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  1. That child is insanely adorable, and her eyebrows are absolutely to die for. Unless the American standard of beauty changes in the next few years (and who are we kidding, that isn't likely), she's got nothing to worry about. <3

  2. Awww - you are so sweet. I'll tell you, though, she's a ham and a half. She's going to be the class clown, I have no doubt....she's already showing off and then waiting for us to laugh. And then she'll put on a repeat performance - little show-off. <3


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