Friday, October 9, 2009

"Practice cancelled due to inclimate weather‏"

I love it! Inclimate weather. I may have to work that into something somehow. Not sure I can do that without sounding like a moron, but still...I like the idea.

It's raining, which makes the lawn happy. And according to the boys it makes the trees happy because they are thirsty. No doubt they are right.

Soccer practice is canceled, which makes me sad because I've paid for it, but happy because I'm flat out exhausted and the idea of spending an hour chasing the baby off a muddy field is an unattractive one at best.

The rain will make my roses happy too. No, not the roses I have in the front flower bed or the roses I have in pots on my front porch, but the three rose plants I have yet to plant....that have been sitting waiting for attention for a long time. Probably the better part of two to three months. Yeah......I know. But after a near-death experience in last month's heat, they seem thrilled to be alive and are flowering madly, encouraged by the relatively cool temperatures we are experiencing and I'm hoping to get to them this weekend.

I've promised to remove the children from the house tomorrow afternoon for several hours to allow Mr. Lawyer to enjoy his game. Fair enough, since he will be taking them to their soccer game at 8:30a.m. and I don't plan to attend. He doesn't actually know this yet, but since I won't make him get up 4900 times tonight and breastfeed the teething baby, I will accept it as his major contribution to parenting for the day.

Any ideas for entertaining 5, 4, and 1.5 for three hours tomorrow? If it's raining, I am considering taking them jeans shopping with me. Doesn't that sound like fun? Jeans shopping with three small, antsy, helpers? Jealous? Oh, yes, I know - you want to come too, doncha? I thought so.

Said teething baby needs attention. NOW. Have a good night.

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