Friday, October 16, 2009

NEWS ALERT: Meghan McCain Has Boobs!

And all the twitterverse has gone mad.

Meghan McCain posted a photo of herself on her twitter account. It showed some boobage (OMG THE HORROR!). And then she apparently got a ton of flack from her followers, who called her nasty names and tweeted unjustified implications, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I would guess that most of her followers are Republicans, but that's beside the point, really. Well, no, maybe that is some of my point, now that I think about it. Hmmm.

This is Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain. She is literate. She is conservative. She's pretty darn cute. Oh, and she has boobs:

Come on, kids - they are just boobs. Owning does not mean that one is a "slut" or imply anything of the sort. Maybe she should have used better judgement in choosing what to post, knowing that her particular audience is significantly more conservative than average, but her photo, which is neither obscene nor in any way offensive, deserves not even one of the rude comments that it drew. And seriously, what sort of good Christian or promoter of family values goes around calling people whores, anyway?

Here is Ms. McCain's own response to the tempest in a twitterpot on The Daily Beast.

For those that don't know anything about McCain, she is a Republican blogger and columnist who is socially surprisingly moderate. She is tolerant, seems to stay away from negative politics, and I think she generally has a good head on her shoulders, particularly given a few more years under her belt.

I'd actually think if more Republicans paid heed to her practices, they would have a bigger (and happier) following, including the much sought after young adult vote. No doubt we will see more of her in the coming years, hopefully as the conservative voters back slowly away from the radical right, horrified of the kind of race-baiting, hateful politics and negativity they have promoted in recent years. That might just be my own personal fantasy, but a girl can dream, no?

And in the long run, while I doubt she will make a habit of posting photos without careful consideration, exposure like this (haha - I made a pun), will only benefit her long term in terms of publicity. Kudos to you, Meghan.


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  2. Inordinate amount of traffic on this one....Hmm.

    Boobs boobs boobs boobs BOOBS!!!!!


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