Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the hell kind of blog are you running here?

That's a direct quote from an old friend who I gave the link to this weekend. She couldn't figure out if it was a family blog, a political blog, or a nutrition/health/green blog. Fair enough, but can it not be "e. all of the above?"

I either have too many interests or, more likely, too little attention span to focus on any one subject for long. I mean, how interesting are my kids day in and day out? I think they are adorable, but it's my job to and I'm smart enough to realize my spawn aren't as fascinating to everyone else all the time.

And I'm not crafty enough for this to be a crafty blog, though I admit I have crafty tendencies, if only in my head. Well, crafty aspirations, at least.

And I'm madly political some days, but many days am perfectly happy with my head stuck in the sand. Not happy so much as afraid, actually. But same effect. I am amused at the google hits I get on some subjects though - the last Jesus entry, for example.

And I'm quite interested in health/nutrition and try to be green and promote environmentally responsible choices, but there are so many fantastic sources for that sort of information that I don't feel the need to focus on those issues daily.

So I guess I'm a hybrid. Or a mutant? Probably a mutant. You get what you get on any given day. And if you don't like it, come back tomorrow and it will probably be something completely different.

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