Monday, October 26, 2009


A bit of this and some of that in a stream of consciousness format...

~ We had Curriculum Night in kindergartenland tonight. My kid has been trying to teach the others to read - how sweet is that? I'm so proud of him - he just loves his teacher, adores school, and I know I'm really lucky that it all seems to come naturally to him thus far.

~ Babybeast has her head apointment tomorrow afternoon. I'll report back sometime after that.

~ Blogger seems to be farking up people's comments and giving a warning that they can't comment. It's done that to me several times, but if you try again it typically goes through ok. Don't give up!

~ The google hits on this blog are pretty funny. And some less so. The "rape" search that hit this political entry was a little disturbing. I was excited to see someone out there wanted to know more about veggie crunchers today - and who wouldn't, because they are the epitome of veggie awesomeness? And couple of people who I've spoken to have googled the blog by name because they keep forgetting the url - just bookmark me - or click that follow/fan button over on your right - it's easy! And some Google hits are completely random and almost certainly not what they were actually searching for, but it looks like I'm interesting for them to stick around and read a few pages anyway - how cool is that?

~ It has come to my attention that someone thinks I'm a dude. Nay nay buffalay; this writer is 100% female type human person.

~ I've got a few click-throughs from to particular entry. You can't see the forum without registering but with that name, I must know what it's about - if any members are visiting, please enlighten me!

~ My afternoon was spent grocery shopping in a thunderstorm with three kids 5 and under. Grocery shopping in a thunderstorm with three kids 5 and under sucks big time - there's no sugarcoating it.

~ One of our cats pooped a big rank steaming kitty turd into the kids' Christmas ornament box last night. Seriously, cat - WTF?

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